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SCHEDULE QUESTIONS? Check the Church Calendar to double-check for rehearsal times, SMAK dates, or date of the big presentation!

SMAKlogoRed is an acronym for Summer Music & Activities for Kids. This ministry is designed to provide children (those completing 1st grade to those who have finished 6th grade) with an array of fun and engaging activities, like games, art, drama, media, music, and Bible study. The highlight of the summer is the musical drama performance on Sunday, August 24, 2014, at 6:00 pm. This multimedia performance is made complete with costumes, makeup, lights, scenery, dancing, and singing. Don’t forget your camera!

There have been lots of “Upgrades” this year, so check it out!


This Year’s Production: iAM

We’re living in a world of smartphones, tablets, APPs, and games, but the same God who spoke to Moses from a burning bush still wants to communicate with us today! In fact, with all of our distractions and entertainment, the most exciting thing in life is getting to know the God who made us. Join super APP-designer Solomon and the amazing creative team at the APP Factory, where you not only play the games, you get into the game and discover the real-life APP for all that!

Saturday, June 21 • 12:00–1:00 pm

Come munch on pizza with us and get a sneak peek at our musical. Sign up for 2 activity APPs of your choice – this year’s UPGRADE from games and crafts. Get your book and CD to be ready for auditions.

Enjoy More of Summer!

This year, we moved our SMAK time to the morning. Our bright-eyed and bushy-tailed leaders are excited to engage with your children in the cool of the day rather than the steamy August afternoons. Children get their SMAK on in the morning and then have the rest of the day for picnics in the park or lazing at the pool.

Our SMAK veterans might notice that our calendar is lacking certain special rehearsals for characters and soloists. That’s by design! Characters, soloists, and dancers will be selected well before Opening Day. During SMAK these groups will rehearse during one of the two APP times. This makes our time together more efficient and saves parents all that extra chauffeur duty. WIN!

Here’s our new upgraded schedule for the summer:

Saturday, June 21            12pm-1pm    Preview Party

Friday, June 27                10am-11pm   Auditions

Tuesday, July 29               9am-12pm    Opening Day
Tuesday, August 5            9am-12pm    Day 2
Tuesday, August 12          9am-12pm    Day 3
Monday, August 18           9am-12pm    Day 4
Tuesday, August 19          9am-12pm    Day 5
Wednesday, August 20    9am-12pm    Day 6
Thursday, August 21         9am-12pm    Day 7
Friday, August 22              3pm-6pm      Blocking Rehearsal
Saturday, August 23         3pm-6pm      Dress Rehearsal
Sunday, August 24            4pm-6pm      Performance Prep

Performance begins at 6pm



We’ve Got an APP for That!

This year’s musical theme is technology, particularly of the hand-held variety. Our upgraded activities have a fresh, new look and name — APPs! Does your child love singing? Does he like soccer? Does she love to dance the day away? Does he love competition? Does she get lost in a book? We’ve got an APP for that! The APPs offered will be determined by the leaders that join us this year. Our leaders are multifaceted and will share their skills and passions with students.

This year, students can choose two activity APPS to enjoy during activity times. A variety of APPS will be offered from dance to sports and plenty in between. Drama and singing APPs will be assigned by audition. Characters and soloists will rehearse during SMAK reducing the need for extra rehearsals. You can sign up foro APPs at the pizza preview party.



Children who have completed 3rd grade or higher are invited to audition for speaking parts and solos. Children in 1st and 2nd grade may audition for solos. Auditions begin with each child completing an audition information sheet on which he / she indicates speaking parts and / or solos desired. The director will select one or two reading passages and one or two songs that will be announced at the Preview Party. Every attempt is made to match each child with the an appropriate part / solo. Auditions will be held in the Main Auditorium on June 27th, 2014 at 10:00am


During each SMAK day, children will learn music and choreography that accompany each song. To participate in the musical, children must attend five of the seven days as well as the dress and blocking rehearsals. To be cast as a main character or soloist, children must attend six of the seven days as well as the dress and blocking rehearsals. Children cast as main characters must be available for one rehearsal in July (before opening day) and one team-building rehearsal after SMAK (in the afternoon).


  • $40 for the first child*
  • $30 for each additional child*

*Fee covers one CD per family, a t-shirt per child, and music books.

NOTE: SMAK is a ministry of Jerusalem Baptist Church. Although there are no fees to participate, there are costs associated with our musical and some activities. It is our desire to encourage all interested children to be involved. If there is a financial need in your family that would restrict your child from participating in SMAK, please contact the Children’s Ministry Director. 



This year we are so excited to welcome our first-ever worship band! This year at SMAK, students will begin and end their days with worship in the auditorium. Unlike other musical drama groups that teach kids to crave the limelight, our group strives to develop students to be worship leaders — leading others to worship God as they present the Gospel on stage. What better way to develop as worship leaders than to spend time worshiping God?


This year we will pilot a new discipleship and service program for youth ages 12–16. Any youth participating in the LIT project must have previously participated in SMAK. Youth in this project will be paired with an adult for activity times (APPs), and they will assist the leader with the APP. While the elementary children participate in music rehearsal, LITs will participate in their own discipleship Bible study and complete service projects. Participation in LIT is FREE, but registration is required.