Sunday starts with Bible study for everyone …

  • Children (Kindergarten – 6th Grade)

The Gospel Project for Kids is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that follows a chronological timeline of Bible events — presenting the story of redemption through Jesus like kids have never seen it before! Each week, these stories come to life through video, music, activities, and more. 

  • Students (6th – 12th Grade)

The Gospel Project allows students to discover a Christian worldview by applying the lens of Scripture.

  • Adults

(Any age is welcome in any class; however because of subject matter, certain audiences have formed naturally.)

  • The Gospel Project for Adults (Participants tend to be young adults and young married couples.) See how the entire Bible points to the Gospel, which infuses Scripture from cover to cover.
  • The Book of Numbers (Participants are a mix of ages who are looking to dive into the “meat” of the Bible.) —  It’s all about the numbers, right? … Or is it? Join us for a study about faith in the book of Numbers.
  • Discover the Disciples (Participants tend to be a mix of men and women who are mature in their Christian walk.) Discover more about Jesus’ followers through an in-depth study of each disciple throughout the Scriptures.
  • The Gleaners (Participants tend to be women  55+ who are mature in their Christian walk.) — This class follows a Lifeway series, currently focusing on hope found through Jesus Christ. (Wilma Huff • 1st Floor Conference Room)