Our Vision

Our desire is to see God work in a powerful way, uniquely in and through our church, both individually and corporately … whatever the costs.

What We Believe …

  • Bible  — The Bible is our sole authority and the basis of our beliefs. God’s word is without error and is infallible because it was uniquely inspired and authored by the Holy Spirit.
  • Trinity — There is one true and living God revealed in Scripture and existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Salvation  —  Salvation is totally a work of God’s free grace, NOT the work of human deeds, religious activities, or moral goodness.

Our Staff …

Pastor Terry Smith

Senior Pastor Terry F Smith





Jonathan ParkerAssociate Pastor Jonathan Parker






PastorTonyCroppedAndEditedPastor Tony Ghareeb







Pastor JC Moon






Amy AndrewsChildren’s Director Amy Andrews